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Which hair extensions are right for me?

Which type is right for me, what are the different methods of attaching hair extensions how do I care and maintain my hair extensions?

PU Invisible tape hair

Fast becoming one of the more popular extension methods, with celebs sporting these fabulous and natural looking hair extensions. The Pu skin tape hair extensions method is suitable for most people but particularly for those with slightly thinner hair who want to go thicker and longer, or to hide thinning hair.

If you want a more permanent style then your best option for hair extensions for thin hair is skin weft tape in hair extensions. Tape in hair extensions are much safer to use on thin hair compared to those that are glued or braided into your hair. Virtually unnoticeable and a full set can be applied in as little as 60 minutes! Tape in hair extensions last up to 12 weeks with proper care and can also be reused and reapplied with new tape..

Ahead of hair Invisible tape hair weaving is an ideal way to install hair extensions because no thread or braids/ beads/or extra glue are needed.

Amazingly quick results installation (Great for salons) that is smooth to the touch. The wefts used in invisible hair weaving are made of a thin clear strip of polyurethane, and are referred to as skin wefts because they blend in with the scalp. Unlike wefts used for other hair weaving like sew-ins, wefts used for invisible hair weaving have the actual hair extensions incorporated into the weft, creating a natural, from the scalp look.

Non glue method (using the existing adhesive)
Ahead of hair Invisible tape wefts come with their own bonding tape, no glue or alternative adhesive tape is required unless you would like to use it or you are reapplying after initial use.

1. Part hair on scalp into section where application is desired.
2. peel off the protective label on the tape and apply to sections on the head where the hair is desired (Apply weft under your section natural hair close to root as possible without being on the scalp)
3. repeat process by applying a tape weft on top of your hair section (sandwich method).
4.Once in place please warm the tape area ( 70-80 centigrade or as low as straighteners allow ) . The glue on the tape will then reach optimum bonding .