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How To Remove Nail Tips

How to remove a nail tip

Removal of hair extensions can be done by the professional that applied them or can be carefully removed at home.


For Ahead of hair nail tip hair extensions: Apply the glue dissolver( this is basically the same as nail varnish remover containing acetone) to the base of the extension. Use a cotton makeup pad drenched in your bond dissolver and simply wrap it aound the bond.


Work it in until the extension begins to loosen..once bond has softened pinch it with your pliers, it can help to pinch several timesuse your fingers to , as it sometimes helps to gently pull bond open. Use a comb to carefully start combing extensions out,some may simply slip out, this will depend on your hair type but dont rush this, best to not do on a night you going out.


Comb through your hair to loosen up and remove all the shed hair that has not been shed while in extensions.


Follow up with a shampoo and deep condition.