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Is your hair 100% Human Hair?

Yes, our hair is 100% Remy, Human Hair!
(Remy is an industry term that simply means the cuticle is still facing the same direction.)

How many hair extensions do I need?

This depends on what you are hoping to achieve:

30/ 50 – to add a few highlights, partial infill work or disguising hair damage.
100/120 – to add volume to existing long hair
150/180 – to add length and volume to short hair
180/220 – to add "Over the Top" volume and length or for very short hair going long.

How long will they last?

If you treat them with care(just like your own hair) and don't pull at them your Loop Hair Extensions should last around 3 months, if correctly applied. check and re crimp any loose links every 3 weeks. As with any extension system, they will require re-adjusting sometimes.

If you have a growth spurt of your own hair ( bring it on) simply pinch link, carefully run back up your own hair strand to where you want it(generally 1cm from scalp ) and re pinch to secure.

Can I colour them?

Yes, you can colour or tone it, and as our hair is Human Remy, you can go lighter/darker/vibrant

Can I exchange them, if I order the wrong colour?

Yes, simply complete the contact us form letting us know that you would like to return the product and we will email you the return instructions. All we ask is that the extensions are in the original packaging and original condition as when they were purchased - no exceptions.

How do I Care for them?

I always recommend that you treat hair extensions , what ever type, like your own hair...and some!!!! Be kind to them, don't over rub when towel drying, possibly tie in a lose plait at night, and do most de tangling in the bath or shower when you are conditioning.

Continue using your existing hair care products if they are of a good quality. A regular moisturising treatment is also recommended. Ensure you use a good quality serum to maintain the suppleness of your hair.

After shampooing, comb gently and ideally only use a hair extension brush. They are designed to protect your extensions.

Tie hair up during sporting activities.

Every now and then have a little check, if any extensions have started growing into one another gently separate with your fingers.

Does tightly crimping the micro link damage my hair?

No, in fact crimp as tightly as you can, you will get a far more lasting result. The entire inside of the link is lined with extension hair, so your hair is only coming in contact with the extension hair.

Will I have any hair loss?

Follow the installation guide for your chosen hair extension method. For Micro loop ensure your sections are clean lines. and you crimp them following the way the hair will lay naturally, this will avoid the normal causes of hair breakage. If you wear extensions or not, remember natural shedding occurs to our hair. Therefore, when you remove the extension after wearing it for 3 months, you will see the hair that has been naturally shed and has remained held in the extension. This is quite normal.

It is advisable that you match the thickness of your hair to be attached, to roughly the thickness of hair extension,I.E., do not attach a thick extension to a fine amount of your hair, as you run the risk of snapping you hair.

This is why ALL our hair extensions are 0.5G, in weight, it allows for long silky tresses, with minimum weight , and no issues of hair pulling( the weight of extension being more than weight of hair).

How Do I apply them?

Please see our fitting guides, relating to your chosen hair extension method.

You can also refer to the "YouTube" website for several videos that show the application process.

We always include instructions in your order.

xxx The team