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Apply Micro Loop

How to apply your Micro Loop hair extensions


Gather a strand of natural hair.


With your other hand, take a micro loop extension and place the loop over your thumb and forefinger.


Pull the natural hair through the plastic loop using your thumb and index finger.


Hold the micro ring (small bead) with one hand and the plastic guiding loop with the other.


Pull the plastic guiding loop so that the natural hair begins threading through the micro ring, (in a downward motion)


Pull the natural hair completely through the ring and discard the plastic loop, (keep these in a small bag, they can be reused). If the hair extension has slipped down the shaft of your hair, hold on to your hair and slide the bead up to 1 cm from your scalp.


Use pliers to squeeze the ring shut. Squeeze firmly to close.


Repeat the previous steps by adding extensions in rows. you can ether, leave a stand of your own hair in between hair extensions or apply micro loop to all of your hair. How closely you place the extensions apart and how many rows you add will depend a bit on the person's head, hair type and the number of extensions you are adding.


To remove, simply reverse the squeeze i.e. you have squeezed the micro bead one way so open it up by squeezing it open.